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Simple Tips to Make Your Sex Life Hotter’s not an entirely uncommon issue. Although you don’t know when or how it happened, your sex life may suddenly appear to be less exciting than it once was. You used to have so much fun with your other half, but these days you find yourself becoming more interested in what’s on television than indulging in a steamy session with your man or woman. Even when you do find the energy to start a romp, the sex might seem more predictable than raunchy, meaning that passion and excitement take a back seat.

The truth is that there are numerous barriers around that can have an impact on your sex life, from boredom to a bad body image. The good news is that there are solutions that may help you get over these issues and start appreciating your sensuality again.

Make the Connection between Mind and Body

Consider the moments in your life when you really feel as though you’re in tune with your mind and body. You might notice this just after you’ve finished a run – when you’re exhilarated and the blood is pumping. Chances are, however, this is something that simply doesn’t happen as often as it should.

The Best Things about an Empty Nest and your Marriage the spirit of Monty Python we ‘always look on the bright side of life’ and want to help you discover the positive impact of an empty nest and your marriage as you progress through this important milestone in life.

Much has been written on the wrench of ‘losing’ children and the sometimes painful adjustment by parents to this new phase of their lives. Although there are certainly challenges to a couple acquiring an empty nest as well as adjusting to a new phase of marriage – many couples discover that they can renew and even revive their marriage after the kids have left home.

Acquiring an empty nest is an important milestone in your marriage and certainly triggers the need for adjustment and even reinvention – not just for you as a couple but as individuals too.

 But heh, every cloud’s got a silver lining right? So check out the many fab things about your newly empty nest:

Family Relations when the Kids have Left Home

–      You miss your kids and your kids miss you!

–      You appreciate each other more.

–      You communicate in different ways – it’s great to receive

How to Regain Trust in your Marriage when it’s Gone one or both of you has broken promises or lied in the past then there will certainly be trust issues in your marriage. As you would have discovered, losing your spouse’s trust can happen overnight but restoring it will take considerably longer. So follow our five simple steps to regain trust in your marriage.

  1. First off we siggest you discuss and accept the trust issues in your marriage. There’s no point ignoring them because whatever has happened in the build up to this situation you are now left with a marriage in drastic need of attention. A marriage without trust will either not survive or will be an unhappy one. So, don’t be defensive or throw blame around, just allow each other the opportunity to list all those things that create suspicion and once these are on the table you have the starting point to your road to recovery.
  2. Forgive your spouse if they have been untrustworthy in the past and likewise ask your spouse to forgive you if you have been untrustworthy. It is very hard to move forward if there is still resentment between the two of you. If the betrayal has been significant,

My husband is driving me Crazy

We enter marriage as two separate individuals and as time goes by…… we are still two separate individuals! Is that news to you?  Did you think that marriage would miraculously unite you both into one unit and remove any differences? Well come back down to earth then and understand what you can do if you have moments when you want to scream out ‘my husband is driving me crazy!”

Common Marriage Bug Bears

However well we get along all of us have our own preferences and habits which can sometimes be at odds with our spouse. These seemingly petty differences can really have an impact on marriage – let me give you some examples:

  • Should the window be open or closed at night?
  • What temperature should the thermostat be set on?
  • Early riser or night owl?
  • Neat freak vs slob
  • Punctual vs perpetually late
  • Optimist vs pessimist
  • Love of background noise vs craving peace and quiet
  • Loves company vs appreciates time alone

Aside from these differences there are habits such as snoring, smoking, food preferences (particularly those that create household aromas), leaving the cap off the toothpaste, the laundry on the floor and much, much more (to capture them all we’d need a book, not just an article!)

Accepting Each Other