Free Icons – Person Icon

Person icon

Icons are basically pictures or symbols that stand for objects, ideas, abstract or people. If we look in the context of internet, we will find there are icons for almost everything. People prefer to use icons because they deliver instant message to the viewer. Person icon has been in use since the very beginning of the internet messaging. In older times people used instant messengers that used to have person icon(s) to indicate person to person chat. The basic purpose of person icon still remains the same; designs and usage has, however, evolved considerably. Previously person icon was probably only used in instant messengers or chat rooms. These days we see this icon appear on almost every website. Websites usually use the person icon to show availability of customer service or live chat facility. The icon can be made into a female symbol or male. It can also be drawn in different colors and shapes. Some websites prefer to use old fashioned person icon while other use beautifully designed shapely person icons. Apart from the internet, person icons also appear in buildings and road signs. Toilets use person icon to show whether the restroom is for male of female use.



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